Paella with chorizo? Paella with meatballs?…. No thanks.

Do you really know how to cook the real Spanish paella?

The Spanish paella is usually made by only seafood, the one I will show you is the best one. Pay attention and don’t miss any step!

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This pesceterian or pescatarian Paella recipe is the best dish in Spain. Apart from being delicious, it is the dish more representative of our country. 

The main ingredients are rice and seafood. Spanish people add plenty of extra ingredients such as chorizo and morcilla…. but seriously, don’t do that. The real Spaniards that know their stuff only add seafood!

Pay attention because I will show you how to do the PESCETARIAN PAELLA!

INGREDIENTS (For 4 people):

  • 300 grams of rice

  • 500 grams of prawns or shrimps (it depends on your economic situation)

  • Seafood such as pieces of hake, mussels or squids

  • Saffron

  • Water

  • Salt

  • Olive oil

  • Salt

prawns fried
reserve the prawns
ingredients paella

Step 1.

The first thing you should do is to add the prawns and fry them with olive oil. Do not overcook them, reserve them in another late for later.

Step 2.

Add the rest of the seafood and fry it with olive oil. It starts to smell good right?


You can fry “chorizo”, “morcilla”, pieces of chicken, pork … But I do not recommend it.

Step 3. 

After that, you have to add the rice and fry for a very short time, just 20 seconds! 

Thereafter, you have to add water. The proportion is 2 parts and a half of each part of rice that you have added.

Step 4. 

Finally, you have to add the saffron, which will give that characteristic yellow color of the paella.

frying the seafood
add the rice
add the water to the rice
saffron magic yellow colour
salt step
pesceterian paella

Step 5.

Keep cooking the rice until half of the water is gone. After that, add the prawns that you previously fried.

Step 6. Optional

Give it the Spanish flavor!

This step is the one that will give you the typical Spanish flavor, add the lemon.

paella almost done

We have another trick: Right after the paella is cooked, you can add a piece of paper to cover it. This will help to retain the water moisture and the quality of the super paella will be improved.

super paella pesceterian
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