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Best Food Spain offers products imported from Spain, the Designation of Origin (D.O.) seal guarantees that our Spanish food and drinks are produced in Spain. This ensures their excellent quality. Designations of Origin are protected by European Union directives and include Spanish food’s most famous products. Our selected hams, wines and chocolates constitute the best quality products found in the Spanish market.


Iberian Ham, Serrano Ham…

Typical Spanish Hams, 100% Iberian.
The Spanish hams are famous across Spain. Indeed, it is the most demanded Spanish product outside Spain.

The pigs are treating in the best way possible during their life to provide the best flavor and texture once it is on the market. The diet they follow is strictly programmed by the local farmers.

The ham is sealed under vacuum, so the texture and properties will stay intact upon the delivery to your home.

Consequently, the Spanish ham is a fantastic dish to be shared in great events with the family and friends.

iberian hams


Wine La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Cava…

Those are the best types of wines in Spain.

For instance, Wine La Rioja has always been a wine reference in the world.
To this list, we should have included other wines. However, we decided to select only the best ones in terms of quality and their origin.

The wines are the perfect gift for anyone.

In our opinion, a good wine should always be shared with friends, but that is up to you.


Spanish Turron: Alicante, Jijona, Yema….

Spain has different types of turron, from Alicante to Jijona.

This chocolate is well known from the past. It is a mixture of eggs and sugar, as often seen in other chocolates. But the difference is that there are also extra ingredients, such as toasted nuts, honey, pistachios. This makes the turron an exclusive product. Additionally, the method for its fabrication allows creating different flavors.

turrones from Spain
polvorones from spain


Polvorones are also very popular during the Christmas season in Spain. Polvorones have as the main ingredient the typical Spanish olive oil. The texture of the polvorones is one of the best textures that your mouth can experience. They possess a soft texture and their flavor is unique and delicious.

The Polvorones are the typical cookies that fill up the homes of the traditional Spanish gathering!
Personally, we recommend ordering our lot with different types of polvorones. If possible, we also recommend to serve it with our turrones.

Don’t wait more and start enjoying our Polvorones and Turrones. You can order them online and enjoy them within the next days.

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