Seville is a very popular destination for tourists who want to experience the authentic Spanish culture.

And they are right, Seville has the best Spanish culture: flamenco, good food, plenty of sun, etc.

The best Spanish traditions are condensed in this city. Therefore, Sevilla is a must if you want to know how the real Spaniards live.

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By Pablo

Free food tour guide of Sevilla, the best city in Andalusia

Andalusia is quite popular for their gastronomy, they have fried fish, tapas, salmorejo, gazpacho…

Thanks to this guide you will learn how to visit Seville in the best way by tasting the best Andalusian food.

Seville has an airport which is connected to the main cities of Europe. However, you can also reach Seville by car or by train. You can get the AVE (high-speed train) if you are in Madrid.

Ok, after telling you that, let’s talk about my guide of Seville!

seville tour

Where to stay in Seville

You can try and get an Airbnb. However, I do not recommend them as the quality in Seville for the Airbnbs is not as good as in other cities.

Another possibility is to get a good hotel.

Best hotel in Seville

The best hotels in Seville are in the city center. However, if you arrive by car, pay attention if the hotel has good parking. If not, do not even consider it, like parking the car in the city center is near impossible.

Seville hotels with a pool

 In my opinion, I would take the hotel with pool in case that you travel in the summer season. The temperatures can reach easily the 50 degrees Celsius. I am not kidding!

What to do in Seville in the morning

I think that everybody agrees on going to the Giralda and Cathedral of Seville!

Book in advance the tickets, so you can enter the cathedral. More information by clicking in this link.

la giralda

Taking the best photo of the Giralda in the morning

Another interesting thing to do in the morning is to go to the “Patio de Los Naranjos” and see the Giralda over the trees.

patio de los naranjos

What to do in Seville in the afternoon

Go to the bar “El Rinconcillo” and take the best tapa in Seville: garbanzos with spinach (chickpeas with spinach). Seriously, they are delicious!

After that, you can go to the towers of Hercules in “Alameda de Hércules“. Here you can find plenty of bars and restaurants with more yummy tapas.

There is always some sort of party over there where you see how the Spanish people enjoy the nightlife.

hercules towers seville

Where to eat the best tapas of Seville

Apart from the previously mentioned chickpeas, you can go to the famous market of Seville: “El Mercado de Triana“. Down the street, you will find very good restaurants, all of them with a great variety of Spanish tapas.

tapas in seville

Spanish square of Seville: Plaza de España

If you didn’t book the tickets of the Giralda and The Cathedral in advanced, their queues are normally very long.

Therefore, I recommend to go to the river and walk through the path along the river until you see “The Golden Tower” or “Tower Of Gold” or “Torre Del Oro“.

The price ticket for the entrance is very cheap and you can see Seville from the rooftop of the golden tower without waiting for any queue.

seville view

Spanish square of Seville: Plaza de España

This square is very famous because it has appeared in several movies and TV shows. For example, it has appeared in the TV series of Game of Thrones and also in Star Wars.

The Plaza de España, apart from having stunning views and amazing gardens, it has a tiny river where you can sail a boat while seeing the square. Another option is to take a horse ride. But taking a walk through the square is also fine.

If you are lucky enough you can find Spanish people dancing flamenco. 


seville tour

Seville tourist attractions

Finally, I would like to mention the flamenco shows and bullfighting.

Flamenco dancing

The flamenco dancing events are the most impressive attractions that you can see in Seville. If you were not lucky enough to see any of those on the streets, you must go to one flamenco show.

One place that I recommend is to go to “La Casa Del Flamenco“.


There is a bullring in Seville. In to purchase the official tickets.

Hope this guide helps. I made also a video of Seville that you can see below. Olé!

bull fighter monument

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Sevilla tour
Sevilla tour
Find the best restaurants in Sevilla. The ultimate travel guide to Seville.
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