Mijas is a hidden Spanish town in Andalusia, at the top of the mountains. This town is only 30 minutes far away by car from Málaga or Marbella. If you ever go to Andalusia, do not stay all the time in the beach, there are other activities that you can enjoy!

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By Pablo

Mijas: The best town in Andalusia (Costa del Sol)

I have been living in Torremolinos, very close to Mijas, and I always recommend to my friends to go and visit it. There are beautiful shops and good places to eat, and its location is very convenient, it is very close to Málaga, Marbella, or any other city in Costa del Sol.

Andalusia is not only sun and beach! Mijas is a tiny town in the mountains.

The best way to get there is by car, but you can also get there by bus.

One important thing you must know is that there are two Mijas in the map: “Mijas pueblo” and “La Cala Mijas”. Do not go to “La Cala Mijas”, unless you really want to go to a normal fisherman town, which is not the charming white town that I will be talking about in this post.

Ok, after telling you that, let’s start!

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How to get to Mijas from Málaga, Marbella or the airport?

You can find direct buses from the different main cities of the Spanish south coast: Benalmádena, Málaga, Marbella…

How far is Mijas from the coast?

Mijas is located at only 8,5 km from the coast. It is located in an area with a height of about 600 meters. Thus, you can enjoy a temperature of 7 °C lower than at the beach.

How far is Mijas from Málaga airport?

Mijas is only about 20 minutes away from Málaga airport by car, so if you plan to leave the same in the afternoon, I do not see any problem in visiting Mijas in the morning. The same applies if you have arrived in the morning and you are planning to sleep in Marbella for example.

How far is Mijas from Málaga city center?

Approximately about 15 minutes or less if you choose to go by car. An alternative is going to Mijas by taking a bus, take the bus number “M-112” from the Central Bus Station (Estación Bus Málaga).   (link to the timetable here) The price is only 2.30 euros. However, the disadvantage of the bus is that it takes about 1 hour to get to Mijas…

How far is Mijas from Torremolinos, Benalmádena?

Well, if you go by car is the same as Málaga, it only takes about 15-20 minutes.

How far is Mijas from Marbella?

By car, Marbella is only 30 minutes away from Mijas. Besides, there are also private tours which will take you to Mijas.

Once you get to Mijas, do not be afraid to continue all the way up to the center of the town. There is a huge parking where you can park your car. The buses stop there as well.

What to do in Mijas

This hidden place is perfect to visit in the summer because the temperatures are not as high as on the beach.

In the town, you can ride a donkey and visit the town. Up to you if you want to ride it or not.

The place is also perfect for people who like hiking and climbing. You can usually see a lot of Spanish climbers enjoying the mountains of that area.

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how to visit mijas

Activities in Mijas

The town is charming. The shops and the restaurants have fantastic colors and lots of details which will make you feel that you are in a magic place.

Another similar activity is to go to “El Caminito del Rey,” which consists of hiking through mountains and rivers.  It lasts around 3 hours, but there is only nature.

So, if you only have time to visit one place:

  • Visit Mijas if you prefer to enjoy the Spanish tapas and culture.
  • Suffer doing the hiking route of “El Caminito del Rey” if you like nature.

Finally, if you have time to visit both places, go there, to Mijas and Caminito del Rey. Both sites are amazing.

donkeys mijas
climbing mijas
activities mijas hiking
The ride in donkeys can be done. Although some people say that the animal suffers, the Refugio del Burro (The Donkey Sanctuaty) takes care of them.

Finally, the town has a bunch of different bars and restaurants with very good Spanish food.

There are a lot of Spanish dishes such as the typical paella, tortilla de patata, the best tapas, etc. and drinks such as the typical sangria.

Enjoy the donkey ride and the Spanish tapas!

donkey ride prices

Prices of a ride in a donkey:

It depends on the number of people:

  • 1 people 10 euros
  • 2 people 15 euros

Duration of the ride: 

15-20 minutes

donkeys mijas
How to visit Mijas. Hidden place in the south of Spain
How to visit Mijas. Hidden place in the south of Spain
Mijas is a tiny town located in the Costa del Sol. Here you will learn how to go and what to do in this hidden village of Andalusia.
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