Foodie/Hiking route near Madrid and Segovia

There is a hidden spot between Madrid and Segovia where you can enjoy the best Spanish food together with the best hiking experience.

jose gutierrez chef spanish of croquettes


In case you are bored in Madrid, I suggest getting the car and go to “LA VENTA VIEJA” restaurant.

It is a good place to eat eggs with chorizo, pig (the famous cochifrito), lamb (cordero), beef, etc. There is also a good selection of desserts, such as the typical Segovian dessert “ponche segoviano”, it is simply delicious (you can order it together with a ball of ice cream).

“Remember that after the meal you will have to go hiking, so don’t eat too much….”

animal in hiking route

Once you are done with your meal, you should get again into the car and go to the little lake “Puente Alta”. Just follow the road and you will see it (it’s 1/2 minutes far away). Park the car next to the road and start walking through the hiking path.

The hiking path is very straight forward, pay attention to the signals and you will not be lost. If you are lucky you will see some rests from the civil war of Spain. In case you are a hiking expert, you can keep going and reach the Granja of San Ildefonso, another wonderful place to visit!

One last thing, I have seen some people fishing in the lake … but I do not know if there are any fish out there, as the lake is so small… let me know in the comments if you fish something!

hiking path
civil war rest

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