Cutting the ham is an art. In Spain, we consider the ham cutters a privileged group in our society.

To be a ham cutter you must have years of experience in cutting the ham. In our country, there are even courses at the universities where you can learn the basics. After that, you must cut an average of 15 hams to be considered a ham cutter master.

Maestros Cortadores de Jamon we call them.

The best achievement that you can get in your life is to be one of them…

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By Pablo

The Basics: Ham-Holder and Knife

In Spain, the Spanish ham cutters are the most important people in our country.  These professional cutters have the power of giving us a great tasteful piece of ham. They are those that undoubtedly know the art of the Spanish cuisine.

A Spanish ham cutter has a lot of responsibility because depending on how you cut the ham, you can get a delicious or a tasteless ham.


Of course, a high-quality knife is mandatory. But the technique of cutting the ham is even more important.

Above all, the knives are useless without a good ham holder.

Ham Holder

A ham holder allows the knife to slide with the precision, so the ham will not move from its place. The truth is that there is a wide range of ham holders in the market, and it is not always easy to decide on one.

In Best Food Spain we recommend a ham holder that is stable, easy to transport, with quality, and of course with the appropriate size for a good ham piece.

“Imagine the table with a Spanish jamon in its holder…. Yes, it is Spain… and it is on your table…”

*(FYI jamon = ham…)

The Best Ham Holder

First of all, the best ham holder (apart from being from Spain of course) is the one where you are comfortable and is safe.

You must make sure that the base of the ham holder is secure. So get it stable to cut safely. Be careful, because you can cut yourself and cause accidents.

The safest way to cut the ham is by doing it in the opposite direction of your body. Never ever cut the ham in a direction where the knife may end up stuck in your chest. A lot of Spanish have died because of that. Do not let the hunger take your life!

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Buy Now Ham Holders from Spain on Amazon

We suggest buying online this ham holder. It has been uploaded to the Amazon database. It is cheap, safe and very easy to transport. See the price on Amazon, as the price can change depending on your area.

And remember! In Best Food Spain we recommend taking the knife firmly with one hand and with the other one to grip the jamon by the hoof.

The slices that you must get should not be thick, and try to make the slices with equal thickness.

Lastly, in case you didn’t know… A ham is a cured meat, so it means that you can save it for long periods of time. You do not have to cut it all at once!

Just leave it covered with a lint-free cloth to prevent it from air moisture and contamination.

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