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Asturias coast travel guide

In Asturias, there are a lot of marvelous places along the coast. In this guide, I will show you the best restaurants where to eat, and the best beaches and cliffs where to rest.

Take a look at this short video of Asturias where I am amazed by the beauty of the north of Spain. 

How far is Asturias from Madrid?

A lot of tourists come from Madrid. Considering that you go by car, it will take you only about 4 hours to reach Asturias. You can also stop by in León, the capital of the biggest region of Spain. There is a cathedral where you can take a couple of pictures…

Ok, so once you have the photos of the cathedral of León, you can continue your trip to the natural paradise of Asturias!

The ultimate travel guide with a detailed Asturias map

In this guide, I will start by describing the places from the Western part of Asturias (Cudillero, cape Peñas…) and then I will comment the cities located in the Eastern part of the region (Ribadesella, Llanes…). Places such as Oviedo, Gijon or Lastres are also mentioned.

If this is your first trip to Spain, read this information before coming to Spain. It will prevent you from possible scams and misunderstandings!

First stop: Oviedo

Once you reach Asturias, the first thing to do is to go to the capital, take a look at the streets and main square of the city. 

Best Restaurant in Oviedo

Once you are tired, go to the Restaurant “Parrillada Buenos Aires. The food there is delicious and the views are stunning!

I recommend the pork ribs and the red scorpionfish cake. And of course, good cider!

*Pork ribs= Costillas de cerdo

*Red scorpionfish cake= Pastel de cabracho

*Cider= Sangría: The most typical drink of Asturias

Monuments in Oviedo

Besides, next to the restaurant there is a monument built before the Romans times: Santa Maria del Naranco. It is a world heritage site and one of the oldest monuments in Europe.

Do not worry about parking your car, there is a parking close to the monuments, as well as in the restaurant.

oviedo restaurant
monument in oviedo

Next stop: Cudillero

One of the most beautiful fisherman villages on earth is Cudillero, this place has a lot of tiny shops where you can buy plenty of fishing items for your house. The village is located in the harbor, so the best way to visit it is by leaving your car in the parking of the harbor.

cudillero view of the cape
cudillero town

Cape Vidio

After visiting Cudillero, you can go to Cape Vidio.

The views from there are amazing!

Ermita de la Regalina, a beautiful church

Next to the cape Vidio, you can go to the Church of La Regalina, this place is very near to the Cape. Next to the church, there is an hórreo.

Horreos of Asturias

Horreos are the typical granaries from the north of Spain (mainly in Galicia and Asturias). It is built in wood or stone and raised by pillars.

The advantage of the horreos is that the cereals that are kept inside cannot be eaten by the rats or other animals.

Luanco and Cape Peñas

Next to Luanco, a nice fisherman town, there is the cape Peñas. Both places are beautiful to see. However, if you have only time to see one, I would go just to the cape Peñas.

You can go by car to the cape, it is the northernmost point of Asturias, there is a lighthouse with amazing views of the coast.

peñas cape
restaurant gijon
gijon from cima de villa


You can spend one or two nights in Gijon. The city has a very nice beach where you can take a bath in the summer. Besides, there is a nice view of the city at “Cima de Villa”.

In the harbor of Gijon, there is a lot of nightlife with crowded pubs.

Best restaurants in Gijon

Finally, don’t forget to drink sangria and eat tapas at famous restaurants such as “La Galeta“, “La Casona de Jovellanos” or “El Cruce“.

Ask for anomelete (tortilla de patata) in “El cruce”, it is delicious!

Besides, do not leave Gijon without tasting the crab croquettes (croquetas de centollo).


Lastres is the typical fisherman town at the coast of Asturias.  Every day except on Sundays, boats come to its harbor to sell their best fresh fish from the sea.

That is why in this village, there are very good restaurants with very high-quality seafood.


Best restaurant in Asturias

Lastres has probably the best restaurant with the most typical seafood served in Asturias.

This place is a must if you really want to taste the best seafood in the world.

The restaurant is called “Restaurante El Mirador”

lastres best restaurant asturias


The nice town where the river Sella debouches in the Cantabric sea.

As an activity, you can rent a boat and descend the river. Find more info at

Eastern part of the coast of Asturias

The rest of the places that I will show you here can be seen by car in 5 hours or so.

So get your car ready with the tank full of petrol and let’s go!

Playa de Cuevas de Mar

The first place that you can go after visiting Ribadesella is “Playa de Cuevas de Mar”. It is a beach with cows walking around. Pretty unusual.

playa de cuevas de mar

Punta de Huelga

After that, you can go to “Punta de Huelga”, where an impressive rock can be seen from the cliff. 

punta de huelga

Playa de Gulpiyuri

After the sight of the rock, you can go to the “Playa de Gulpiyuri”. It is only 5 minutes from the “Punta de Huelga”. This beach is the smallest beach in the world and the only one in Europe that is an interior beach.playa de gulpiyuri 

Ensenada Peñarada

Finally, you can reach the top of the “Ensenada Peñarada” where you can see the beautiful landscape of the coast of Asturias.

Ensenada Peñarada Asturias


Lastly, if you have arrived at the Eastern part of Asturias, you should go to Llanes and “El Cabañon”.

Llanes is a nice town on the coast of Asturias.

El cabañon is a restaurant where they fabricate their own sidra Asturiana (Asturian cider) and have a lot of different tapas. Please do not miss the restaurant, in my opinion, is the best one!

Asturias beaches and restaurants
Asturias beaches and restaurants
Asturias is the natural paradise of Spain: You can taste the most delicious food and also visit amazing beaches and cliffs.
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