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First dishes
Paella, Ham, Tapas... 37%
Second dishes
Gulas, Tortilla... 27%
Turrones, Chocolates... 35%
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About Best Food Spain: 

This website is intended to teach you step by step the real Spanish recipes. Besides, we also provide tips, secrets and recommendations for cooking in the traditional Spanish way. Cooking Spanish food is our passion. Guides to explore the famous cities of Spain are also available in our website. Besides, we offer a wide variety of Spanish products in our shop online.

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Our Spanish Chefs

A good sangria is always a must in the Spanish botellon!
I won the National Croquette Tournament for 6 consecutive years. Nobody beats me in the art of cooking croquettes
Rule number one of cooking paellas: Do not mix meat with seafood in the same paella. Never ever!
I spend long hours in the best Spanish beaches and chiringuitos
My speciality: Banderillas de Bonito... Everybody loves them!
I am German but a wannabe Spanish. I know everything that a guiri should know to survive in Spain.
I am an experience Spanish traveler. Nothing is better than living in Spain.
I am 99% Spanish and 1% Italian. Spain is the best country in the world, period.
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