If you really want to experience the Spanish culture and to learn the Spanish traditional cuisine, you must know these 5 interesting tips. 

Maybe a simple Spanish course is cheap and helpful, but it will not make you enjoy the true Spanish culture and way of life.




1.- Experience the Spanish cuisine

First of all, being Spanish does not mean to know everything about the Spanish culture. Things such as dancing flamenco or toros. Most of those cultural things are unknown for the majority of the Spanish people. Consequently, a lot of tourists came with the wrong idea about the Spanish culture.

Firstly, being Spanish means that you know at least about the basics of the Spanish culture. For example, you should know how to make the most popular dishes of Spanish cuisine, such as Paella Valenciana, Spanish Tortilla, Empanada Gallega, Croquetas, and Gambas al Ajillo. Apart from that, you should also know how to cook delicious Spanish desserts. Furthermore, you should know how to prepare different drinks apart from the well-known sangria. Besides, another thing you should do is to go to markets and get familiar with the typical Spanish products. In addition, you should go to Spanish restaurants and compare their menus with your own dishes. Besides, you should also go to orchards and wine cellars, where you will find the most authentic products. Do not wait more and get started with a book written by Karlos Arguiñano. The book is in Spanish but highly recommended!

Apart from knowing about the Spanish cuisine and its secrets, you should also know the following 4 principles of the Spanish culture.

2.- Get to know the Spanish architectural heritage

Second of all, as a Spanish learner, you should know the most important buildings and architecture that the different civilizations built in Spain. Most probably, these structures contributed to the creation of genuine Spanish heritage. Just to cite a few, we can find the most important Roman constructions like the Aqueduct of Segovia. Other examples are the impressive Arab wonders such as the Alhambra in Granada or the Mosque of Cordoba. Due to the mix of different styles of architecture presence in Spain, Spain is one of the best World Heritage Sites. Besides, the knowledge about Spanish history and culture will give you a wonderful understanding of the Spanish language and culinary evolution. Take a look at this interesting book of historic monuments.

3.- Spanish language experience

Another thing you can do is to start learning Spanish in Spain. Noteworthy, Spain seems like it is probably one of the most welcoming countries in Europe. Besides,  Spanish people are always happy and helpful. They usually do not hesitate in sharing their customs, language, and culture. Additionally, when you finally know Spanish, you will be able to feel confident in speaking with other Spanish people, so you will be more comfortable with them while you are in their Spanish events.

Maybe you are not fluent in Spanish yet. Do not worry, Spanish people are always kind and helpful with foreigners. Spanish people will talk to you in English as an alternative language.

Lastly, if you really want to improve your Spanish we recommend you to not wait more and go to Spain. So you can be improving your Spanish while eating in selected restaurants, visiting emblematic places, sharing local traditions, cooking together, etc. Additionally, we also suggest you get started with this book of Spanish jokes.

“I suggest you to practice your Spanish while eating in Spanish restaurants, visiting emblematic places, sharing local traditions and cooking with other people”

4.- Discover the natural landscapes of Spain

Interestingly, Spain is one of the three great countries of Western Europe. Along its coasts, mountains, rivers and lakes we can find the most beautiful and solitary places that you would have never imagined. Consequently, you will enjoy the most hidden landscapes from the traditional mass tourism. Take a look to this book of Natural Parks which will bring you closer to the secret Spanish landscapes.

5.- Get to know the Spanish wellness

Lastly, Spain is probably one of the best places in the world to practice a healthy lifestyle. Because of its climate, you will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. Besides, the Mediterranean diet is healthy and balanced. Furthermore, its European culture provides a lot of respect among people. Additionally,  you will experience some of the best advice on remedies, nutrition, therapies, healthy habits. Hence, you will familiarize yourself with some natural products and habits in a sustainable environment by surrounding yourself with the language, cuisine, and Spanish customs. You can find some of the most used medicinal plants in Spain in this book.

To conclude, if you are interested in any of these exciting experiences, you can contact josespanishlanguage@gmail.com

Jose will help you to design a personalized plan which will fit perfectly to you. Either you choose to go alone or accompanied, to different destinations, etc. So, do not be shy and get in touch!

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5 ways to get to know the Spanish culture and cuisine
5 ways to get to know the Spanish culture and cuisine
If you want to know the real Spanish culture and learn how to cook the best Spanish food, you should start with these 5 interesting opportunities.
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